Light Boxes

Light up your signage

Light boxes are a great way to add extra emphasis to a sign - particularly at night or poorly lit areas.

Top Quality Signs

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Light box options

  • Traditional Light Boxes - these have a metal box with an acrylic face
  • Flex Face Light Boxes - these are similar to traditional, but rather then acrylic use a tensioned sign face
  • Acrylic Light Boxes - these are like the traditional, but the box is acrylic as well
  • Slimline Light Boxes - these are similar to a picture frame (approx 40 mm) and look good on walls (often edge lit)
  • 3D Light Boxes - these have raised letters and symbols.
Retail signs

These light boxes can be used externally or internally. Internally, they are great to display promotions etc, and externally to promote your business on buildings etc.