CNC Design

CNC Flat Bed Routing

What is it?CNC stands for 'Computer Numerical Control'. It basically means that you have a computer that controls the movement of the Router to a predetermined route. This means that you can program an intricate design into it and the router will follow the design with a high level of precision. A lot higher precision then if it was attempted by hand.

Custom Sign Design Services

Looking for something a bit different? Our team can custom design a sign to help promote your business.

What does it mean to you and your Display?

The Flat Bed Router allows us to cut out Shapes and Letters from thicker materials (whether Acrylic or Wood). This therefore allows us to create a 3D look.

Rather then having a flat sign, we can have letters and symbols that are raised or lowered from the surface. Combined with proper lighting, this can create a great visual approach.